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Where to Register a domain

Nominet - Tag Holders

Nominet is the ultimate authority on all UK domains. TAG holders are similar to letting agents. Only through a TAG holder you can lease a UK domain from Nominet for 2 years (only).

You can register your domain through any TAG holder that accepts applications from individuals or businesses.

Any changes to your domain (ie changing hosting provider) have to be made through the TAG holder. Some TAG holders charge for various services, some are helpful and more importantly can be contacted easily, other will have you pulling your hair out.

Another reason for choosing the right TAG holder is the renewal charges they make. When 2 years are up, you will need to pay for your domain again in order to retain ownership. Nominet has put in place a system where a a registrant have a race period of between 92 - 99 days after the expiry date of the domain to renew it.