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How Much is Your Domain Name Worth?

The UK Domain market has seen substantial growth in the last three years. The UK market is expected to increase by over 212% per annum in 2007 -2008. The strength of these claims lie in the increase power of the internet to promote and sell products and services. domain value

Whether you are buying, selling, or valuing your UK Domains, determining their fair market value is imperative. Client use Why Think because we are:

  • The ONLY domain appraisal company with a money-back guarantee
  • The only Nominet Member Appraisal Team
  • Completely independent domain name appraisal - established 1996
  • Each domain appraisal personally researched by at least three appraisers
  • Our domain name appraisal employs superior methodology
  • Over 17,400 domain name appraisals completed to date
  • Your domain name appraisals are available for viewing online

Our appraisal methodology has been refined and perfected through six years of experience and research in the UK domain market. Our relationships within the industry allow Why Think a greater depth of knowledge and access to valuable information. We combine years of experience and sophisticated data analysis, that in turn provides you with the industry's most accurate domain name appraisals.

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