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HIgh Value Domains

Why Think will sell your UK domain for free, whatever the value. However to achieve high domain prices that range into the ten of thousands, domains often need to be more actively promoted that simply placed online.

Domains needed to be actively promoted in more traditional ways to generate corporate interest. Domains need to be sold as a commercially viable investment. The Marketing Directors and business owners who have sign off on large purchases ned to be convinced.

Why Think is owned by WhyNet (Why Internet). WhyNet is owned by Knowall It Ltd who have been Nominet members and TAG holders since 1999.

WhyNet act as a broker for clients wanting to achieve a high price for a premium UK Domain. High value domains are defined as UK domains that have a 'Why Think' appraised value of over £10,000.

WhyNet specialise in taking a domain to market. This means that we approach potential interested parties, arrange and attend meetings and present the advantages of such a domain to the selected companies.

Simply, we sell.