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The Drop Catching Service

DropSystem, only for serious domainers

Drop catching Service       TestUse for single UK domain | Screen shots

WhyThink, in association with Hubbard Media, is proud to announce the launch of DropSystem. This is the very latest in drop catching server based online application. It has taken over 24 months to develop and to date, is faster and more successful than any other domain catching service in the UK.

DropcatcherDropSystem slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. A slot allows a user to poll the Nominet DAC 432,000 times a day to register domains that are dropping. It has an aggregate 67% success* rate using EPP/XML technology instead of the queued, standard PGP encrypted request system.

Unlike many other dropcatching solutions that rely on PGP signed emails, our hosted dropcatching solution enables fast real-time domain acquisition, on dropping domain names. We provide our clients with:


You must be a Nominet member and TAG holder. The cost is £300 per month plus a setup fee of £150.
There is no ongoing commitment other than monthly payment.

DropSystem cost £300 per month plus a setup fee of £150. For more details please contact WhyThink.

Want to test our Dropcatching Service before buying? or Want to catch a single UK domain?

* Please note that we cannot offer a guarantee to catch any domains.

Figures correct as of 12/08