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Drop Catching for individuals

Want to catch a single domain? or test DropCatcher Pro before making a commitment?

WhyThink are TAG holdersDrop Catching is defined as trying to register a .co.uk or .org.uk domain the second it is released (dropped) by Nominet who control all UK domains for SEO click here

Why Think's individual domain server is for non commercial users, ie we only catch domains for individuals; if you are a business or a professional UK domainers, then this is not for you, as we are offering this service to give individuals the same advantage.

Buy a single credit to catch a Uk domain for £29.99. Credits can be reused for different UK domains should the first catch attempt fail. Credits have a shelf live of six months. It is not important, when the actual domain drops (expires), as we can schedule our system to catch a domain anytime during 2008. Please go to Google checkout a make a payment and then email us the domain name. We will repsond with confirmation that the domain is entered into our systems. Please note Nominet make a charge of £10 for change in Registrants. This is an additional fee and not part of the £29.99.

Please note we cannot offer any guarantees. When a domain attracts more than one dromain credit, the domain is then sold to the highest bidder after the domain is sucessfully caught by Whythink. Everything is fair and above board. If you have any worries or any questions, please telephone 07802 944593, 9-5. Monday to Friday, we are here to help. We reward all our customers with love!