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Who is active in the UK domain market

Companies and Individuals that are actively registering expired UK domains (.co.uks only)

Whythink have been actively watching the UK domain market for 8 months. Over 132,000 domains have expired in that time. Whythink has documented exactly what has been happening!

UK Domains Results 2008-2009

Seeing who is doing what in the domain market is hard to obtain information. Many of these companies like to remain unseen and all but anonymous We have had emails from other 19 different TAG holders to remove this section of Why Think. We said NO as WHYTHINK's whole philosophy is to shine a light on the UK domain market and to provide a FREE resource for UK domains, regardless if you are a domainer, or just simply wanting a domain!

want to know who caught all of those prime (or not so prime) domains this month?
Owner's Gallery, want to see who owns all of those prime domains!

June's Rogues Gallery List of most Active TAGS. Most of the Business Models are your standard clog up the internet with useless ppc links pages or sent straight market on SEDO, using their parking page. If these lists include a domain you are after, most of the TAGs listed will happily sell it.

NB. Why Think takes a monthly snap shots of valuable domains that are being registered and by who. Our lists are not a sum total, nor are they perfect, but do provide the only resource for watching what is happening in the UK domain market.

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If you are a TAG holder listed and you would like more information in WHYTHINK's reasoning please do not send an email but telephone 07802 944593.