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Currently domains that are for sale are listed on webistes, Why Think and SEDO etc. There is little or no information on why a domain is priced as such and no information on the value of this domain from a commercial point of view to the end user. Marketing Directors are unlikely to surf the internet looking for premium domains to purchase. It is left to media agencies to select names and try and negotiate on a client's behalf.

The media agency does not have to resources or experience to achieve a sale price that is attractive to the client. The negotiations stall. The client invariably chooses an available domain. Current television advertising plays confirms this as companies are resorting to longer domain choices for their campaigns and even choose the odd .org.uk! Television advertising is expensive, so it is not a matter of budget. It is the unavailability or unwillingness of domain owners to come into the boardroom and sell their domain. Why Think bridge the gap and allow Corporations to negioate with another suit across the table who are credible, knowledable and convincing.