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Selling Process

Getting paid

How does it work?

The process for selling and transferring the domain is simple and takes three working days.
  1. A client  is invoiced for the domain value
  2. Client pays WhyNet the agreed amount and the transfer fee of £11.25
  3. WhyNet confirm with you, the domain owner that we have received the monies.
  4. Domain owner invoices WhyNet for the amount less 20%
  5. Both party fill in the Nominet forms marked for the attention of Ms Marie Chalk, Nominet Transfer Dept. and fax to Nominet.
  6. Marie Chalk telephonesWhyNet to confirm that the owner's details of the domain is correct and those of the purchaser
  7. WhyNet inform both parties that the transfer is going through. This take up to three days.
  8. Once Nominet confirms transfer, WhyNet bacs transfers the money to you he domain owner
It sounds laborious, but it is a straight forward process that we have done many times before. Nominet information see