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Typo Domains 1

Domains made up of common misspellings or typos are a common trick used by domainers who are looking to take advantage of internet users inaccuracies and enjoy and income through pay per click. A good example of this is a typo of Notice that the misspelling website has adverts about cars! The more popular domains will be registered (but nearly always for sale).

Typo List 1  Typo List 2  Typo List 3  Typo List 4  Typo List 5  Typo List 6  Typo List 7  Typo List 8 abandoned accession, achieve, achieved, awkward, address, addressing, afford, again, a lot, allusion, armature,
anthromorphization.c annual, any apennines, upon, appealing, apennines, archeology, archeology, archeologist, archeologists, as attainder, a about,