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UK Domains b Traffic

Below are the most popular websites in terms of web traffic that are .CO.UKs. (listed by popularity) Included are the number og google links to give an indication of how many links an SEO expert would have to target in order to compete with websites of this caliber.

Domain Name Google LP
google.co.uk 10,900
ebay.co.uk 255,000
bbc.co.uk 351,000
amazon.co.uk 809,000
autotrader.co.uk 1,070
argos.co.uk 2,770
orange.co.uk 1,250
hsbc.co.uk 705
guardian.co.uk 95,300
rightmove.co.uk 1,010
tiscali.co.uk 7,930
barclays.co.uk 749
thesun.co.uk 4,250
timesonline.co.uk 12,100
utarget.co.uk 16
msn.co.uk 5,790
telegraph.co.uk 23,200
next.co.uk 553
digitalspy.co.uk 4,130
nationalrail.co.uk 4,510